Mixed Media Katsina Ornies

Katsina Ornies

Finally found some time to work on new work. I’ve been working out in my head the design and construction for these ornies.



 The Yei is regarded as a supernatural being by the Navajo, and they are believed to be the first to inhabit the earth. Before the Yei left earth, they left instructions with the people on how to live an easier life.

The male Yei is depicted in sandpaintings with a round head and the female Yei has an angular head. 

assemblage - Yei  full view 7-2009assemblage - Yei qtr view 7-2009assemblage - Yei bust 7-2009assemblage - Yei tassel view 7-2009assemblage - Yei lower sect 7-2009

Assemblage – Totem

This assemblage piece was created about a year ago using harvested tree bark that was given to me by a fellow club member. Other items are old rusted hardware, found objects, beads, and wire.


Harvest Moon










This Sept. page was created for a calender project our local printmaking group is putting together for a fundraiser. Each month is randomly given to twelve printmakers and we in turn carve out a design for that particular month. I was in the studio a few weeks ago and printed 75 original prints. It took about 4 hrs. to complete them all. Take a peak at our progress on this project at Tiger Lily Press Blog.

Sun Rise / Sun Set

This art work is a mixed media piece done with some of my old prints, inks, bees wax, wire, leather, and hand-made stamps. This is done in my journal book.

Maasaw – God of Death

Collagraph print 2008










Collagraph print “Peace”


Rock Art II – Collagraph print

This collagraph was done last year and sold at a gallery in New Mexico.