Mixed Media Print

This is a monoprint, collagraph and beeswax print.

Maasaw – God of Death

Collagraph print 2008










Collagraph print “Peace”


Rock Art II – Collagraph print

This collagraph was done last year and sold at a gallery in New Mexico.

Mono-print Mixed Media

This is a mixed media mono-print I created last year. I carved a stamp of the Indians and clouds and add them to the mono-print. I also had a fascination with bees waxed and that was also added. There was a lot of application and scraping with this piece.

“Viewing Landscape I”

This is a collagraph print done in two colors. I was pretty pleased with the way it came out, but I ripped the plate shortly after I pulled this print. I’m planning on creating another one.

A collagraph is a created by adhering things such as string, wire, paper, sand, etc…. to a plate. You seal it  then print out your image. The beauty about collagraphs is that you never really know how your print is going to turn out.