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Harvest Moon










This Sept. page was created for a calender project our local printmaking group is putting together for a fundraiser. Each month is randomly given to twelve printmakers and we in turn carve out a design for that particular month. I was in the studio a few weeks ago and printed 75 original prints. It took about 4 hrs. to complete them all. Take a peak at our progress on this project at Tiger Lily Press Blog.

Landscape #1

Landscape #1 woodcut print.

Untitled mixed media collagraph print

This print was not a successful print, so I worked it over with pastels.

Mixed Media Print

This is a monoprint, collagraph and beeswax print.

Maasaw – God of Death

Collagraph print 2008










Collagraph print “Peace”


Rock Art II – Collagraph print

This collagraph was done last year and sold at a gallery in New Mexico.