New Mexico

Mixed Media Katsina Ornies

Katsina Ornies

Finally found some time to work on new work. I’ve been working out in my head the design and construction for these ornies.


Pics from Visit to New Mexico

This drive was from Mora County up through Questa and Red River.

We spent a whole day just driving up in the mountains and they are breathtaking! We had time to stop and visit our little retirement property along the way.  We had purchased property a few years before we started a family and it’s really cute to hear the kids say, “when are we going to go visit our property”. 

Anyway, our neighbor’s property is a bit of an eyesore. We are still trying to figure out how he made a blue single wide trailer into a two story trailer? Is it structurally sound, I’m not sure!









Tito’s Gallery is located on Bridge Street in Las Vegas, New Mexico. They have been carrying my Native American Indian dolls for several years, as well as some of my prints. Las Vegas is a quaint little town that a lot of folks get confused with Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people don’t even know that New Mexico is a part of the United States. I kid you not!!

Tito and Mary are the owners of Tito’s Gallery


 Display of my dolls next to my prints.

 Doll displayed at Tito’s Gallery  is wrapped in Pendelton blanket.









Indian dances at the Indian Cultural Center in Albuquerque. I grew up in northern New Mexico and never attended any Indian events until now! My kids really enjoyed it.


My sister hooked me up with Kirtland Gallery in Albuquerque. They represent military veterans and I did serve for 8 years, so I qualified and they accepted some of my work. They are located on the Air Force Base and an I.D. or pass is required for entrance onto the base.

These are a few dolls I dropped during our visit home.




Red Panorama II – Linocut

This landscape print is a linocut that was printed in two colors. I was born and raised in the Northern New Mexico and that is where my inspiration comes from. Crosses, arroyos and fences dotting the landscape.