Rebel Indian Maiden

Indian Rebel  9-2009









Indian Rebel back 9-2009Indian Rebel qtr view - R  9-2009

Mixed Media Katsina Ornies

Katsina Ornies

Finally found some time to work on new work. I’ve been working out in my head the design and construction for these ornies.


New Native Indian Maiden Dolls

I had posted earlier pics of some proto type Indian dolls I had been working on. Here is the finished product. She stands about 6.5″x2.5″ and is created out wood, feathers, leather, horse hair, clay,  & various fabrics. She has a more contemporary feel because of the way she is created. The front bodice of her dress is hand painted with designs.

Spirit Warrior

This doll was created a few years back. My intentions with this art doll was to create a two sided doll. but it didn’t turn out that way.

Indian dolls


I decided to make a smaller and affordable line of Indian Dolls. They measure 5.5″ – 6″ in height. They are the miniature version of the large dolls. All the same material are used: horsehair, leathers, feathers, blanket material, beads, fabrics, and wood.

Warrior Indian Doll Ornaments

Indian warrior ornments measure about 5″ in height. Imitation brain tan leather has been painted and handsewn to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Hair is out of horse hair and wrapped with leather wraps. 

For sale in my Etsy store.