Handmade Ledger Art Book

I love Native American Imagery, I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico, so I have some insight into the landscape.

Ledger Art

I’ve been intrigued with ledger art and decided to give it a go. The ledger paper I’m using is not antique or has not been used before like a lot of ledger paper being used today.

Handmade Book

I have been creating handmade books and then embellishing them with monoprinting. I’m from New Mexico and a lot of my imagery is from there.

Tetra Pak Printmaking

Native Inspired

These are mixed media Native American inspired katsina dolls made with game pieces from checkers game and wire.

Monoprint Experiments

Continuing my work with monoprinting and a new head. The pics on the right side are completed with using other mediums to finish the piece. The pics on the left is where I stopped the monoprint process.


I started to work on an on-line monoprinting class and the instructor is an illustrator who uses whimsical animal figures as part of her imagery. Not really my thing, but have been learning new techniques working with the Gelli Plate.

Indian doll ornament I made several years ago. It is made with leather, felt, wire, paint and horsehair.

Layering Prints

I took an Native American Indian drypoint etching and layered it over a collagraph print. I photoshop the images until I had a composition that I was pleased with.


My own vision of a Katsina done in

mixed media assemblage