Mixed Media Art

New Native Indian Maiden Dolls

I had posted earlier pics of some proto type Indian dolls I had been working on. Here is the finished product. She stands about 6.5″x2.5″ and is created out wood, feathers, leather, horse hair, clay,  & various fabrics. She has a more contemporary feel because of the way she is created. The front bodice of her dress is hand painted with designs.

W.I.P – Work in Progress


Until now, my assemblages have not had a Native American  theme or image. Came across this Buffalo nickle and was inspired to create a piece of art work. I’ve been working on this slowly for a while now

because it kept changing. BIG difference in the design versus actually making the piece work when putting it together. At first I wasn’t too happy with the way it was coming out, but stepping away from it for a while and contemplating my next move, it started to grow on me. Stay tune for the next phase!

ATC/ACEO’s – Artist Trading Card/Art Card, Editions & Originals


I had been working with ATC’s/ACEO’S for a short time and really enjoyed it, but didn’t keep it up for very long. These cards were done with bees wax and crayons. The ATC’s measure about 2.5″x3.5″( size of playing cards) and are meant to be traded. ACEO”S which stands for Art Card, Editions and Originals. They measure the same as an ATC but these are sold like miniature pieces of art work.

Sun Rise / Sun Set

This art work is a mixed media piece done with some of my old prints, inks, bees wax, wire, leather, and hand-made stamps. This is done in my journal book.

Mono-print Mixed Media

This is a mixed media mono-print I created last year. I carved a stamp of the Indians and clouds and add them to the mono-print. I also had a fascination with bees waxed and that was also added. There was a lot of application and scraping with this piece.

Bird With a View