Collagraph – “Untitled”



This untitled piece was inspired by Tony Abeyta, who is this amazing Native American Mixed Media Artist.  His new charcoal and ink wash drawings are beautiful.

About Carla Trujillo

My name is Carla Trujillo and I have been drawn to Native American Art ever since I was a little girl. I'm what you would call a "Mestizo" part Native American and part Hispanic. I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico, and now reside with my husband and kids in the midwest. View all posts by Carla Trujillo

2 responses to “Collagraph – “Untitled”

  • lucie wilby

    these are beautiful – I am just working on collagraphs myself and I love yours so much!

    What do you use for a press?

    This is now in my sketchbook and journal – they are fab!

    Lucie, England x

    • Carla Trujillo

      Hello Lucie!
      Thanks for your kind remarks! My hubby made me a small press that I use quite a bit and I also make frequent trips over to the studio which is run by our printmaking group.


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