Red Panorama II – Linocut

This landscape print is a linocut that was printed in two colors. I was born and raised in the Northern New Mexico and that is where my inspiration comes from. Crosses, arroyos and fences dotting the landscape.

Beaded Indian Maiden


This is a larger version of the ornaments in the previous entry. She measures about 9″ tall. Again the leather used here is imitation brain tan leather. Very easy to bead with! The hair on this doll is mohair instead of using fibers.  She was created about two years ago and I haven’t really done any beading lately mostly because I am so busy experimenting in creating dolls with other materials and techniques.

Native Ornaments

These two Native American Indian Doll Ornaments have some beading on the front.  I originally designed and created these dolls a few years back and really loved the way they came out. The outfits are of imitation brain tan leather and they have been painted, as well as beaded. The male warrior has hair out of horsehair and a leather wrap on his head. The Indian maiden has hair out of fibers. I will alternate her hair with horsehair, mohair, of fibers. Just depends which material is on hand at the time.

Most of my Indian dolls have no faces because I would like the viewer to create their own story and connect with the dolls on a more personal level.  I’ve had many people who have purchased my dolls tell me that they chose a particular doll because it spoke to them on some spiritual level.

People always ask what tribe do they represent? These dolls don’t represent any particular tribe, they represent all Native Americans.

“Starry Night”


Starry Night











This is a linocut print of a Native American Indian women gazing up into the “Starry Night”. .


W.I.P – Work in Progress


Until now, my assemblages have not had a Native American  theme or image. Came across this Buffalo nickle and was inspired to create a piece of art work. I’ve been working on this slowly for a while now

because it kept changing. BIG difference in the design versus actually making the piece work when putting it together. At first I wasn’t too happy with the way it was coming out, but stepping away from it for a while and contemplating my next move, it started to grow on me. Stay tune for the next phase!

Harvest Moon










This Sept. page was created for a calender project our local printmaking group is putting together for a fundraiser. Each month is randomly given to twelve printmakers and we in turn carve out a design for that particular month. I was in the studio a few weeks ago and printed 75 original prints. It took about 4 hrs. to complete them all. Take a peak at our progress on this project at Tiger Lily Press Blog.