Landscape #1

Landscape #1 woodcut print.

ATC/ACEO’s – Artist Trading Card/Art Card, Editions & Originals


I had been working with ATC’s/ACEO’S for a short time and really enjoyed it, but didn’t keep it up for very long. These¬†cards were done with bees wax and crayons. The ATC’s measure about 2.5″x3.5″( size of playing cards) and are meant to be traded. ACEO”S which stands for Art Card, Editions and Originals. They measure the same as an ATC but these are sold like miniature pieces of art work.

Work in Progress

Little by little I have been working on some Native American Indian Dolls for a few galleries as well as some shows I have coming up in the early Fall. I would like to offer original prints this year for two of my shows, so I need to get cracking on those. When things get a little mundane making these dolls, I switch over to working with assemblages and mixed media art for a short time.

Sun Rise / Sun Set

This art work is a mixed media piece done with some of my old prints, inks, bees wax, wire, leather, and hand-made stamps. This is done in my journal book.

Untitled mixed media collagraph print

This print was not a successful print, so I worked it over with pastels.

Mixed Media Print

This is a monoprint, collagraph and beeswax print.

Maasaw – God of Death

Collagraph print 2008